April 1, 2024

Elevate Your Marin County Home with Cable Railings: The Perfect Blend of Style and Safety

Our cable railing systems showcase posts meticulously crafted from premium 6061-T6 aluminum, promising unmatched strength and longevity. Complementing the posts, the top bars are constructed from the same durable material and feature a resilient powder coating designed to last a minimum of 10 years with proper maintenance. The cables in our cable railing systems are made of high-grade 316 stainless steel, known for its exceptional corrosion resistance and elegant appearance. To complete the ensemble, the hardware used to affix the cable railing systems to the decks is crafted from stainless steel, ensuring a corrosion proof attachment.

Our Cable Railings, Showcased in Tiburon, CA, Feature Our Silver Metallic Powder-Coated Finish

This particular project we installed our cable railings on was located in the beautiful region of Tiburon, CA, boasting an amazing view. We installed cable railings throughout the property, including the decks, interior, and driveway areas. The decks offered stunning views of San Francisco and the bay, including Sausalito. We used our cable railings with aluminum posts and top bars, finishing them off with our silver metallic powder coat. All of the hardware used, including the cables, was made from stainless steel. The owner opted for cable railings over glass railings due to the price point and the unobstructed views they provide. This project was completed in partnership with G-family Construction, and we feel we complemented each other’s work exceptionally well!!

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