Lee M.

Here’s why NorCal Ornamental deserves a 5-star rating from me:  First is the work quality.  We wanted a handrail that is befitting of an all-new entrance to our home, including new stone steps, an enlarged landing, new redwood fence/wall and landscaping.  In addition to a beautiful, light appearance, the handrail that Mike Mendes and NorCal Ornamental built and installed is rock-solid.  Just as important, though, is the design execution.  We had no drawn plans to show.  We just referred to a few website examples and then, in words, described “a look” that we were hoping to achieve.  Mike took it from there and built a handrail that is perfect for the location and that complements all the other work we have done.  His work, alone, is a highlight of our entrance.  We could not be happier.